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Tibia commands

Quickly lookup for characters, guilds, houses, online lists, etcetera.
See who is who in Discord and in Tibia.

Whois command

Level and Death tracking

NabBot will keep track of level ups and deaths of your registered characters.
See how NabBot mocks announces your deaths and levels.

Level up and deaths announcements examples

TibiaWiki commands

Get quick information about monsters, items, spells and npcs.
All the information is provided by TibiaWiki

Monster command

Automatic Roles

Assign roles automatically based on the guilds people belong to.
Keep control of who can access your server, or establish entrance gate to your server.


Calculate your loot

Send NabBot a picture of your loot, NabBot will calculate its NPC value and classify it by NPC you can sell it to.

Loot scan results

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Read more about NabBot's main features and how to use them in our documentation.