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Galarzaa Founder & Developer

Also known as Allan (31, Mexico), is one of NabBot's founders and developers. Has software engineering as career and hobby, along with RPGs, open world and simulator games. Played Tibia in irregular periods since 2004, now focusing mainly in developing.

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Nezune Founder & Developer

Also known as Nezune, is the other NabBot founder and developer. Played Tibia from 2004 until a tragic end a while ago. Likes roguelikes, survival games, DOTA, Overwatch and Pokemon GO. There isn't much known information about Nezune but there are rumours it lives in Argentina (and owns a falcon).

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Tschis Developer

Also known as Tschas (Brazilian living in Austria), contributes to NabBot's development. Works as a Software Engineer, likes D&D, strategy/RPG/roguelike videogames, sci-fi/fantasy books and movies. Has been playing Tibia on & off for about 16 years.

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Sayu Advisor

Also known as Sayuri Nowan (19¹, Argentinian living in Chicago), claims to be Allan's biggest annoyance and provides helpful advice for NabBot. She plays Tibia since April 2005 and is an avid Overwatch player. She enjoys reading historical novels and regency romance, as well as creating content for the games she enjoys.
¹: Lacks sources

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Callie Graphic Designer

Also known as Ana (25, Brazil), takes care of the graphic tasks and visual identity of NabBot. Currently lost in life & studying Graphic Design. Playing Tibia irregularly since 2008. Loves for all kinds of art, music and movies. Very much into puzzle, platform, adventure and RPG.

Special thanks to

Website Logo WebsitePython Library

Python library to integrate the Discord API. This is the main base of NabBot and without this, NabBot wouldn't work.

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TibiaWiki WebsiteTibia Promoted Fansite

The biggest collection of information of Tibia, with over 17,000 articles.
Many of NabBot's commands are based on TibiaWiki's articles

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TibiaData WebsiteTibia Supported Fansite

TibiaData API is a RESTful API providing information in JSON format containing information from Tibia's official homepage, so you can build your own small tools.

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TibiaMaps WebsiteTibia Promoted Fansite

TibiaMaps is a site where players can find the maps of Tibia. You can download all the map files for your favorite Tibia client and install them easily.

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TibiaBosses WebsiteTibia Promoted Fansite

Find boss predictions, keep track of the boss kills of your servers, see statistics, articles and more!
The bosses command uses their information.