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Important Command Changes

As previously announced, the deadline that Discord set for bots to be able to read message content was the end of August. This means that as of September 1st, you will no longer be able to use NabBot's command by using prefixes such as $, nb. or any custom prefix you might have set. The slash command changes will come into effect for all Discord bots, not just NabBot.

In order to keep using NabBot, you will need to use mentions before the command's name, some examples:

Before After
$whois Galarzaa Fidera @NabBot whois Galarzaa Fidera
nb.share 365 @NabBot share 365
$about @NabBot about

Make sure that you are actually mentioning NabBot (text should have a blue background around it).

The settings prefix command will be removed as it has no effect anymore.

What about Slash Commands?

The new NabBot version is in testing phase. We want to make sure that everything works fine before switching to the new version, as we do not want to lose any data or have any vulnerabilities that could affect your experience.

We are planning on starting a closed beta for premium users in order to collect more feedback as well as having extra sets of eyes to detect bugs and things that can be improved.

What is next?

The next step in development is finishing the new respawn system, while handling feedback and bug fixes from the closed beta. After that we will be rolling out the new version of NabBot, with slash commands.

Due to the migration consisting of a complete rewrite, in a different language, at the beginning the bot will only be available in English. We will work on bringing back language support once the release is done. We will try to reuse as many of the content that was translated by users on Crowdin but we will help with more translations.

Once we are done putting NabBot back on track, we can focus on new features once again.

Remember to join our Discord Server to stay tuned about upcoming changes or to discuss on NabBot's development.