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Craft NabBot

Go get your hot glue gun, it's time to make your own NabBot! Use household materials to craft NabBot or mini NabBot.

Contest Rules

  • The deadline for submissions is November 14th.
  • Submissions must be posted on the designated channel in the official Discord server.
  • A user may post as many submissions as they want. However, they may only be eligible for one prize.
  • Submissions must comply with the content requirements.
  • No copyrighted or plagiarized content is allowed.
  • Uploading images of the process is required.
  • Obvious low effort submissions will be removed.

Content requirements

  • The entry must feature NabBot (worker golem) or Mini NabBot.
  • The name of the character that will receive the prizes must be included.
  • It must be something made by the participant, nothing that was previously manufactured.
  • Progress pictures must be provided, a picture of the start, during the process and the finished entry at least.
  • At least one photo must contain something with the text NabBot and your character's name written on it.

Winners Selection Criteria

NabBot's team will select the top 5 entries by voting. These top 5 will be submitted in's Fansite Boards for other admins and community managers to vote.

The winners will be ranked by the number of votes received by fansite admins and community managers.


  1. 🥇 Golden trophy of excellence + Mini NabBot

    Prize image

  2. 🥈 Silver trophy of excellence + Nightmare Doll

    Prize image

  3. 🥉 Bronze trophy of excellence + Choice between Amulet of Theurgy, Foxtail Amulet, Rainbown Necklace, Enchanted Pendulet, Enchanted Sleep Shawl and Shrunken Head Necklace

    Prize image