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Mini NabBot was designed by player Juh'Mong, winner of the Item Design Contest. It was implemented into the game in the Winter Update 2019.

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Mini NabBot Awardees

Date Received
Galarzaa Fidera Gladera December 2, 2019 Team Member
Nezune Gladera June 5, 2020 Team Member
Tschas Gladera December 4, 2019 Team Member
Sayuri Nowan Menera December 4, 2019 Team Member
Callie Aena Gladera March 7, 2020 Team Member
Trollefar Vunira January 13, 2020 Contributor
Dev Zimm Antica December 4, 2019 Contributor
Juh'Mong Calmera December 2, 2019 Contest Winner
Hojkk Javibra April 8, 2020 Contest Winner
Fire Draggon Quintera April 29, 2020 Contest Winner
Griggi Belobra December 4, 2020 Contest Winner
Hunter of Dragoes Gentebra May 13, 2021 Contributor
Pappa Fox Kalibra April 6, 2022 Contest Winner
Benja Tankowiek Solidera April 6, 2022 Contest Winner
Eat My Arrow Marbera April 6, 2022 Contest Winner
Mathias Bynens Vunira May 24, 2022 Contributor
Mangusia Antica September 8, 2022 Contest Winner

Only characters that received the item are listed, they may not own it anymore.

The displayed world is the world where the character was located when the item was awarded.